Sunday, 25 January 2009

Yearbook 2008 published...

As you already know, our yearbook has finally been printed and most of you have already received your copy.

The yearbook has increased from 80 to 160 pages, it has a new style 'imagewrap' cover, and utilises blurbs new heavy weight premium paper.

This year the president got the cover and Celia the back page as they were at the top of the 'most popular' images on our gallery pages. Don't forget that it always the most voted image over the year that gets the cover so its a good idea to enter images into all the themes and add images to your personal galleries as well.

As you can also see at the top right of the blog is a blurb badge which if you click will take you directly to our shop, should you wish to purchase further copies for your family and friends.

As always, thank you all for contributing to making the club such a success and we could never really hope to produce this book if it wasn't for your enthusiasm and participation in the club activities... my hats off to all of you..!

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