Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Whatever you want '09...

The club made a fantastic start to the year with its biggest ever presentation of a total of 52 images from 18 members.

Baerbel, Debbie, Erik, Nacho and Toni presented images for the first time, hope the experience wasn't too traumatic !?

I highly recommend taking some time to go through all the images on our gallery pages, you won't be disappointed as there are lots of crackin' shots.

Don't forget to give a 'thumbs up' to those you like and comments are always appreciated as well.

Owners of the photo's can also use the same comments mechanism to give a bit more information regarding their image if they so wish...

The next theme is 'Nighttime'.... am I being too presumptious in thinking that we can better this first presentation of the year ?

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