Monday, 16 November 2009

Animal Kingdom...

As much as the club members enjoy taking holiday photo's, it seems they equally enjoy animal photography.

Forty-four images were presented, with a wide range of interpretation of the theme.... cats where a popular subject and land, sea, air and cuddly animals were all covered.

Nicolas presented for the first time and we welcome our newest member to what hopefully will be a photographically fruitful future...

Above you see Nico's wonderful reflection image of a swan gliding smoothly down the Danube (made you look twice didn't it !) and Baerbel's exquisite butterfly image full of melting pastel colours and a testament that film certainly is not dead.

As always the rest of the images can be viewed on the gallery pages, please leave comments and click those thumbs-up on all the photo's that you like.

As this was the last theme for 2009 the members can now take a well earned rest and just leaves me to say a big thank you to all, for your enthusiasm and participation which I hope will continue at their high levels in 2010.

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