Monday, 26 March 2012

Invited Speaker - Juan Vaquero (part II)

When you meet Juan, the immediate impression is of a highly motivated, passionate and talented photographer and a highly approachable and instantly likeable character.

These initial impressions were very quickly confirmed as we received a real treat of a presentation where Juan led us through the works of photographers that personally inspire him to his own commercial, exhibition, personal and travel photography (one of my favourites you see here).

If we could of asked for anything more, Juan also graciously answered all the questions we threw at him. Personally I learned a lot and feel that my photographic awareness has been further enhanced even though I only got to spend a short time in his presence.

Juan has very kindly passed on the list of photographers he referenced during the presentation such that we can educate our eyes further:

Many thanks once again to Juan and we hope to see you again sometime soon.

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