Thursday, 26 April 2007

Theme 2 - 'Architecture'...

Once again an excellent turnout for our second theme presentation of 2007. Nine members showed their interpretations of 'Architecture', and above is a choice selection of some of the photo's (click image to see larger). There was a lot of discussion regarding technique and composition and I think we all learned a new thing or two.

Don't forget that you can see all the images on the clubs Gallery webpage (link is at the top right of this page). Please do leave comments as it is always helpful and motivating to get a bit of feedback every now and again...

Finally, you all chose an extremely difficult theme for next time... 'Photojournalism'. It is going to be extremely interesting to see what images everyone turns up with...

I'm really looking forward to seeing all your photo's in June and hoping for an even larger participation..!

Monday, 23 April 2007

one web album I like :-)

I was browsing the picasa web albums a bit (for inspiration) and thought this guys pictures are quite good, so I thought I share this link with all you photography lovers :-)

I find it amazing how many good photographers there are out there....

Looking forward to see everyones pictures tomorrow :-)


Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Pulitzer 2007

Hi everybody

As all of you probably know, the Pulitzer prize awards relevant works in journalism. This year, the prize in the category of "breaking news photography" has gone to Oded Bality for this picture.

A sin the previous post about photography and ethics, I will say nothing else about it and let you judge by yourselves. The picture is impressing anyway.

You can read the full record in