Friday, 26 October 2007

printer for photography

Hi there

Maybe this is not the channel for this, but I'd like to get some advice from you. I plan to buy a printer basicly for printing pictures, though I'd like to use it as a general purpose printer as well. Could you give me any advice about it? (models, things to be taken into account, etc etc). I'd like to learn about colour calibration and so on too, any hint?
I know printing you holiday photos at home is not a good idea, but still I'd like to work on some specific pictures and get a nice printout, what implies some trial and error etc etc you'd better make at home.

All your ideas are welcome!



Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Star gazing......

There is a lot of information regarding Astrophotography on the web, but this article recently posted on I find particularly interesting as its a very good place to start your investigation into this potentially exciting aspect of photography...

Tips and Tricks for photographing Autumn...

Photojojo have posted 12 Fantastic Fall Photo Tips, that I thought maybe useful for our pending Photo Theme.

Its mainly 'leaf' based but could provide some guidance, even though the leaves in Madrid appear to be taking their time to change colour and fall this year.....!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Another dimension to Photography: Water

I like to spend my time wisely (not really but it sounds good) so I try to combine two of my hobbies, photography and diving together to do underwater photography :-)

There is lots of info out there on the web. But there is one particular very nice online magazine called Underwater Photography . It has many beautiful photos (even for non-divers!) and items on material and many tips/tricks. (no, i'm not getting anything to say that).

btw. above picture was taken by me last year in one of the dutch lakes ;-)

Thursday, 4 October 2007

12 Essential Phtoto Rules from Popular Photography...

In the past we have spoken about the sunny-16 rule, but do you know the moony 11, 8 and 5.6 ..?? (steady Richard.. ;-) )

You want a new digital camera which has a least twice the resolution of the last one, did you know you have to find one with 4 times more megapixels...!

Either way check out what Popular Photography thinks are the 12 Essential Photographic Rules...

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Are you a Flickr-holic...?

Flickr has always been a bit of a talking point, what with advertising agencies rocketing unsuspecting photographers into the limelight, like this for example..... or those agencies with not quite so many scruples taking advantage of the overwhelming number of low cost images (i.e. taking them for free) and using them for national ad campaigns like this case with Virgin Mobile Australia

As an image resource and source of inspiration, you can't complain too much because there are plenty of images to see, but how do you sort the "wheat" from the "chaff" and get to those 'wow' images with the maximum efficiency, Howard French tells us what he does over on the Online Photographer...

Seam carving and resizing images...

This has begun to appear on a few different websites and I thought that you maybe interested in this new way of resizing images without distorting the content. I'll let the author explain the details in the video (your going to be amazed for sure...!).

For those of you who are not mathematically challenged there's a whitepaper that explains the concept in detail.

The website is here and you can even upload a picture and try out the software online.

Apparently one of the authors has been recently employed by Adobe, so we may see this appear in future versions of Photoshop and/or Lightroom.