Thursday, 11 October 2007

Another dimension to Photography: Water

I like to spend my time wisely (not really but it sounds good) so I try to combine two of my hobbies, photography and diving together to do underwater photography :-)

There is lots of info out there on the web. But there is one particular very nice online magazine called Underwater Photography . It has many beautiful photos (even for non-divers!) and items on material and many tips/tricks. (no, i'm not getting anything to say that).

btw. above picture was taken by me last year in one of the dutch lakes ;-)


Neil... said...

Also being a diver I would like to add combining photography and the underwater world is not as easy as it seems at first.. The photographs from Franco Banfi are some of my favorites (

Nick said...

indeed to be a very good underwater photographer you need to be very good at 2 things!

This is one of my (dutch) favourites:

in particular i like his Mexico cave-dive pictures (in some cases you can't see the water!).