Thursday, 30 June 2011

'Flying' video camera's...

GoPro's are those little sport video camera's that you can stick onto you bike helmet (amongst other things) to record your daredevil downhilling skills for example.

However, they also seem to be popular with our feathered friends to show off their daredevil flying skills !

Check out the video below and all will become clear...

(I think thats enough of the 'aerial' theme... I'll find something different for next month... I promise !)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Latest Camera Technology...

This has popped up on quite a few web pages recently and is the new 'light field' capturing camera from Lytro. Apparently all you have to do is take the picture and then you can select the focus point later on (click the image above wherever you like to see what i mean).

Maybe a few of our Scientist members could gives us an insight into what exactly are light fields and their potential uses ?

Photography from Space...

Continuing the 'aerial' theme, ESA's Paolo Nespoli appears to be making a name for himself recently with his images of the earth captured from the International Space Station. The one you see above is of Lake Gairdner in Austrailia.

Paolo is taking images every few days and then sharing them with the inhabitents of the earth via his Twitter account !!
You can also check out his Flickr pages for the latest images.

Kite Photography...

Cris Benton a professor of architecture at UC Berkeley is a self confessed 'tinkerer' with a talent for constructing, flying and taking aerial photo's with a kite.

The images that he has created are really quite stunning and in the video below you begin to get an idea of what is involved with this type of photography and also the ingenuity that Cris shows with respect to the rigs he constructs to hold and move the camera.

You can find more images and information at his website here.

Kite Aerial Photography on MAKE: television from MAKE magazine on Vimeo.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

African Air...

Flying in a motorized paraglider over one of the most diverse continents in the world, George Steinmetz captures in his photographs the stunning beauty, potential and hope of Africa's landscapes and people. See the project at

It's been a while since we've mentioned MediaStorm and when I saw this video on the aerial photography of George Steinmetz I thought it was time to remind everyone of this great site and concept.

You should also check out George's website as well, as it's really quite spectacular.

PHotoEspaña 2011...

PHotoEspaña 2011 has started this month and you can get all the information regarding participants, events and galleries here.

By the way that's a photo of Jackie Onassis taken in New York in 1971, by the worlds most famous paparzzi, Ron Galella.