Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Inside Out Project...

JR a parisian street artist who scooped the 2011 TED Prize is known for his constant attempts to challenge and combat social equalities with his use of art.

He basically enters problematic or marginal area's, makes contact with the locals, takes their photographs and comes back with enormous posters and pastes them in the street for all to see... or on trains... or on buses... or on bridges... or on steps... or on roofs... or on security towers...

As you can see above he uses a lot of inginuity with respect to location for his images, and his ability to engage members of the public is quite extraordinary as you will see from watching the very emocional video below which will give you an excellent insight into his projects in various countries across the world.

If you would like to get involved, just go here to find out all the details, and you can see more video's on the Inside Out YouTube channel.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Portrait Photography the Rube Goldberg way...

This is just so good.... Just how many photography accessories can you recognise ?

......and if you want some 'behind the scenes' action here you go...

Martin Schoeller and the TIME 100 list...

TIME Magazine recently released their 'TIME 100' list of the most influential people in the world and I quote "They are artists and activists, reformers and researchers, heads of state and captains of industry. Their ideas spark dialogue and dissent and sometimes even revolution"

Martin Schoeller just happened to be one of the photographers who was chosen to photograph these honoured person's.

Martin has a very distinctive style, especially when it comes to lighting and concept which you will see if you track down his work on 'Close Up' and 'Female Bodybuilders'. You will also note that he uses both digital and film to complete his projects.

Anyway back to the Times 100.... Below you will see a 'Behind the Scenes' video of how he went about the task. I love these sorts of videos as it always gives you an insight into how a photographer works and the techniques they apply to produce the work they do.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Polarising Filters 101...

Probably the one filter every photographer should have in his bag is the polariser, great for saturation, removing unwanted reflections and generally souping up you images (you can even use it a neutral density filter, if you need to lose a few stops of light) .

Take a look at the video below for a quick tutorial on the sort of things you can achieve with the most versatile of all the filters.

Polarizing Filters for Photo and Video from Olivia Speranza on Vimeo.