Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Man Who Shot the Sixties...

Brian Duffy one of the 'Terrible Trio' of British photographers from the sixties, probably not as well remembered as David Bailey and Terence Donovan, is often considered the more talented. After deciding to 'chuck it all in' he took most of his negatives from his studio and burned them before leaving photography completely to pursue other activities.

Recently his son Chris has put together what remains of his father photographic legacy and also staged Duffy's first exhibition in decades. The video above is absolutely fascinating as Duffy explains his entrance into the photographic world and features people like David Bailey and Joanna Lumley who explain what he was like all those years ago. It's almost an hour long but well worth a view.

More details about Brian Duffy can be found on his website here.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Yearbook 2009 published...

As you already know, our yearbook has finally been printed and most of you have already received your copy.

The yearbook has increased once again, this time from 160 to 200 pages. With a new style cover which shows all the images presented in all the themes throughout the whole of 2009.

You will also see a blurb badge on the top right of the blog, just in case you would like to buy more copies for friends and family (just click it and it will take you to the shop). There is also a 'book preview' with a selection of images to give an idea of what the books about.

As always, thank you all for contributing and making the club the success that it is, we could never really hope to produce this book if it wasn't for your enthusiasm and participation in the club activities...!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

NatureScapes Images of the Year 2009...

NatureScapes has just posted its 'Images of the Year 2009'.

Follow this link to see all the winning images.

Monday, 1 February 2010

This months featured photographer...

This months featured photographer is Chris Dessaigne a.k.a Midnight-digital, he has a very complete profile, a part of which I include below for you to get a feeling about what sort of art he produces :

"Christophe Dessaigne is a French artist who lives in the south of France, in a small town called Perpignan, near Spain on the Mediterranean coast. His creations are open doors to fantastic and dreamy horizons where digital photography serves the fanciful imagery of surrealist photo-montages. His universes are desolate, vast and insubstantial. Gigantic scaled structures rule the landscapes, dwarfing human beings to the size of ants. His post-apocalyptic kingdoms, equally poetic and terrifying, are visions of the end of the world. His work has appeared in cover art book and CD covers in Europe, and has recently been featured in Advanced Creations and PSD Photoshop Magazine. His photographic visions are invitations to remote and chimeric territories. A travel into a mysterious journey."

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