Monday, 21 July 2008

'Through the Window'...

A rather modest turnout, due mainly to the holiday season, enjoyed the diverse and well thought out entries for the theme of 'Through the Window'.

This time we also managed to calibrate the projector beforehand such that we could see all the images at their very best.

Not all members who presented images could be present unfortunately, but special mention surely has to go to Celia, whom despite being on holiday in Canada, still managed to send in images from across the pond... how's that for dedication..!

You can see one of her entries below from inside a very colourful building in Montreal.

I have to admit the image above from Nick was my personal favourite, with its lovely muted colours and pure simplicity.

Bjoern also continues to bring original images which you can clearly see from his shot of the island of tabarca below...

As I think you have all deserved a well earned rest, no complicated themes for the next round... we resort to the same theme we did last year... 'Holidays'...

You have a couple of months to put together those vacation images and we will present then at the end of September...

Many thanks to all of you who participated and attended the meeting.. enjoy the holidays !!!

....and before you all disappear off somewhere windswept and exotic, don't forget to leave your 'thumbs up' and comments on the gallery pages for all the images that you like...

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

D Hump does it again...

If you check back to the blog entry for 24th june you will see that I talk about the surf photography of Dustin Humphrey or 'D Hump' as he is more often known.

Well he's been busy with the surf conglomerate Insight51 to produce a series of posters for their latest advertising campaign Dopamine.

Here's a description of whats going on:
"Steve Gorrow embarked on a journey beneath the sea to explore the depths of the mind and creativity. Along with the help of his brother, Steve shipped out to Bali to take on the massive feat of building above, and beneath the sea, to give birth to the latest Insight surf spectacle.

Not one to cut corners on creativity, Steve combined upside down bedrooms, naked girls on motor bikes and underwater shanty towns with the amazing skill of the Insight surf team (surfnics) and the photographic talents of Dustin Humphrey to create an array of split double world madness.

Welcome to Insight's latest surf campaign featuring surfers Kai Otton, Luke Stedman, Warren Smith, Jared Mell, Made Lana, Jason Apparicio & The Jamaican Surf Team."

Pix Channel.... What makes Photographers click...

The PixChannel website has been mentioned on a few blogs lately and it is an absolute goldmine of of wise words given to us by some of the greatest photographers of our time.

Quoting the website :

"Pix Channel is an ongoing series of vignettes that explores the creative process of iconic photographers in their own words. It has been a collaboration between photographer Randi Lynn Beach and graphic designer Doug Beach. The project began out of Randi's passion for photography and desire to capture the thoughts and motivations of historic photographic figures"

If you have the time this is definitely one not to miss.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Exploring the hidden features of your Canon Powershot

I came accross this nice Linux development project called 'CHDK'.
It is a bunch of software that you can load onto most (not all) canon powershot compact digital
cameras in order to release their hidden potential!
It can make your camerea do long exposures (up to 65 secs) or very fast exposures (1/25,000 sec),
you can record images in RAW format and display a live histogram. You can even run scripts to take bracketing pictures or on motion detection.
At you can find a nice overview by Nathan Willis.
Unfortunately, my camera is not supported (yet). But if anyone fancies trying it on your (older) powershot let me know how it works out.