Monday, 10 August 2009

Zuckerman on Wisdom...

Andrew Zuckerman always looked up to his elders and identified them as the ones having answers to many of life's questions....

Using this as a motivation for a personal project... he travelled the globe to photograph and interview 50 significant personalities from the world of politics, art, religion, music, fashion, film and TV... all of whom are 65 years old or above.

The result is the book 'Wisdom' with an accompanying DVD documenting all those wise words on subjects as diverse as Love, Work, Environment, Conflict and of course... Wisdom...

There are some wonderful videos on his website for the book here... don't forget to look at the ones regarding 'the making of' as well just to see the enormity of the project he took upon himself and to get some insights into why he chose to shoot it the way he did and just how much equipment he needed to achieve the look of all the images.

.... and for more information on his other projects check out his personal website here...

Monday, 3 August 2009


Zhang Jingna (张晶娜 aka zemotion) is a 21 year old photographer from Singapore who has had a meteoric rise to fame after trying out photography only 3 years ago.

This former International Air rifle champion always liked the idea of becoming a photographer and in the same year as picking up a camera won the 'Singapore Master Photographer of the year 2007'...!

She has already worked for the likes of Mercedes Benz, Ogilvy & Mather, Pond's, Wacom, Architecture International, Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel and Cleo.

Plus launching her photobook 'Something Beautiful' in 2008.

She is also very active on all the major photographic websites such as Flickr and deviantArt.... and even has time to run her own blog and personal website... which is really quite impressive..

Her work which is predominately fashion orientated shows a maturity beyond her years and includes many self portraits. The overall effect is very cinematic and the retouching all being done by herself as well.

It really is worth while checking out her images in further detail...

This months featured photographer...

This months is another anonymous photographer from Flickr, whose mastery with the Hasselblad 500 I find mesmerising along with his subject selection and shallow depth of field techniques....

Here is what he says in his flickr profile :

'What lenses or cameras do I use? Does it really matter?
Is it all about your creativity, skills, self expression, originality and ART?

It's more than just an idea to please your eye, isn't it?

Should your work reflect your personality and style?

What makes you wonder around in one spot for few hours on some rainy Wednesday with a hope of capturing an extraordinary person or moment?

What is the meaning of my photographic quest?'


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