Thursday, 13 September 2007

We're back.........

The blog entries have been a bit sparse recently, but the summer is almost over and we have had our latest presentation of Photojournalistic and Holiday images..

Head on over to our galleries page and take a look. I know writing comments can be difficult but if you feel inspired I do urge you to do so as they are very motivational.

Also, if comments aren't your thing, hover your mouse pointer over the images you like and click the green thumbs up that will appear.... Why you ask.?????.... Because smugmug will then tell me what are the favorite images (I can't see who clicked on what by the way), and I thought it might be a good excuse to hand out some prizes at the end of the year... (Don't forget to give your 'thumbs up' in the other galleries as well...)

Anyway, here are a few of the images that got the most wow's during the presentation...... Go to the gallery page to find out who the culprits are...

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