Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Autumn Theme Presentation...

Although not with as many images as normal (maybe the cold weather starts to take its affect), we battled against a badly focusing projector and blindless window to present our latest theme 'Autumn'.

There was plenty of lively discussion with the two images you see here generating the most comments regarding composition and post processing technique.

As a side note, we also got plenty of good resturant recommendations from José Manuel and I finally got to use my slideshow software.

Anyway, all the images in their glory can be found on our galleries webpage, please go and take a look and if you like any of them click the 'thumbs-up' symbol that appears when you hover your mouse over the image, so we can all see what are the most popular images.

You might want to check back on your own images as well, as since I have taken the password off the site, we have started to receive comments from outside of ESAC !

So... next theme is 'Geometry' and you get a break over Christmas as well, hope to see the number of images presented next time back to full strength.....!

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