Monday, 21 April 2008


It has to said that 'Panning' hasn't been one of our most popular themes so far.....

However, the turnout was high and there were some very interesting discussions regarding ideal shutter speeds, frequency of electric lights and their effects etc...

Bjoern, who presented images for the first time wooed the crowd with his impressive carrot tossing skills coupled with the ability to then pan with the thrown vegetable..!

Forms of transport were favorite subjects, which you can see from Nico's and José Manuel's images above.

But there were also images of kids, horses, fish and supersonic swallows...

As always, please do take the time to visit the gallery page to see all the images presented and leave comments and 'thumbs-up' where ever you deem appropriate.

Our random theme selection technique continues to choose potentially tricky assignments, the next one being 'Triptych',

errrrrrr whats that !!!!!

well for a full definition checkout wikipedia and for some inspiration try this Flickr group.

This theme should be a good one because you get to show off 9 images and your going to have to use some sort of image processing software to create each individual triptych.

So, leaving this one to the last minute is definitely a no no.... ;-)

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