Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Holidays 2008...

Always a popular theme, this year was no different with more than forty images being presented by members.

We where all privileged to see images from such exotic places as Hawaii, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Canary Islands, Bulgaria, United States, Malaysia, Sardinia and Cadiz (!)

Alberto took full advantage of the theme with his original 'photos on a table' composition which you can see above.

Landscapes where by far the most favorite subjects as you can see from Celia's image of Canadian lake tranquility above and Jose Manuel's splendid shot taken in Hawaii below.

But we also saw stunning underwater images from Luis from his diving trip in Sipadan, clearly illustrated by the photo of the ghost pipefish you see below.

The next theme is 'Song Title' which you may of guessed means that you have to interpret a song title with you photo's. It will be interesting to see if the other members can guess the song !

As always, please go to the galleries and leave your comments and thumbs up !!!

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