Thursday, 12 January 2012

ESAC Photoclub Exhibition...

What had started as a chat over coffee early last year finally came to fruition today, as the club opened its first ever photographic exhibition.

The theme chosen was 'LandSeaSky' and has motivated 23 members of the club to present their images which they thought best represented this theme. The results is a great diversity of images from all over the world, both from above, and below sea level, and we all hope they will be of great interest to the rest of the community at ESAC.

The canteen was chosen to host the images as it is probably the only building where most of the site members visit throughout the week, thereby maximising the viewing potential of the exhibition.

Our idea is also to produce a small brochure detailing the images and linking them to the photographers, this will then be made available to everyone in one format or another.

We really hope this will be the first of many further events and we are really excited and proud with what we have achieved.

The club would also like to formally thank site services for all their help and their amazing ability to adapt to any situation that has appeared along the organisation of this event.

In closing, I would like to ask any visitors to the exhibition to feel free to use the blog and leave comments as it's always good to hear the opinions of everyone.

My final thank you goes out to all the club members who have participated and helped out with this event, without your enthusiasm and dedication this event would have been unattainable.

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