Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Dustin Humphrey, Surf Photographer extraordinaire...

Dustin Humphrey's work is very much sort after by the many surfing publications which exist in the marketplace today.

His fresh, original style has separated him from the rest of his fellow surf photographers, due to his experimental approach to the images he takes, his choice of equipment (mainly film cameras) and how he often chooses to cross process his film.

He could be well considered more of a surf photojournalist as his images encapsulate not only surfing but the cultures and people he meets on his travels.

His collaboration with Taylor Steele and the production of the book 'Sipping Jetstreams' is a must have for any one who not only appreciates surfing, but the travel and adventure that often goes hand in hand.

In fact I would also get the DVD that accompanies the book, as apart from being lavishly shot on 16mm film it contains extra's showing the concept and the idea's behind the Sipping Jetstreams movement.

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