Monday, 9 June 2008


The 'Triptych' turned out to be another difficult task with even the Club President failing to heed his own advice regarding leaving things to the last minute causing him not to show up with any images... (hangs his head in shame... :-(....)

However, this didn't prevent the newer members of the club like Bjoern, from coming up with original idea's like the 'cube' triptych above and Alberto with his colourful interpretation of 'corners' below...

Jose Manuel, showed his prowess with a polarising filter and once again turned up with some images from yet another holiday !...... this time in Switzerland... He assured us that the helicopter wasn't off to bring him more compact flash cards after he had filled up all his.!..
Ricardo's 'deconstructing apollo' caused some interesting conversation....... and pysicoanalysis as you might expect after seeing the image below.... Jose Manuel provided a good interpretation.... you'll have to ask him personally what it was though... ;-)

As always congratulations to all of you who presented images and for all the people who turned up to view the slideshow as well....... I continue to look forward to more and more images being presented in future themes (maybe even the club president will participate who knows...?!?)..
So........ our next theme is 'through the window'... that is to say... photo's taken through windows....
One can only imagine what Ricardo will come up with next...... :-)

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