Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Photographic Competition in Madrid...

The Fundacion para el conocimiento madri+d has opened the Fourth edition of its annual Photographic Competition, this year titled "La ciencia en la ciudad, la ciudad en la ciencia" ("Science in the city, the city in Science").

Its open to everyone older than 16 and resident is Spain (i.e. no restriction on nationality).

Prizes go from 1500 Euros to the photo elected by the judging panel, to 600 Euros for the photo voted by the general public, down to 120 Euros for the 20 chosen finalists.

You can enter up to a maximum of 3 images (JPG format between 500kB and 10MB) which have to be sent in, no later than midnight on the 16th April.

The images will then be available for viewing on their web page and public voting will be open between the 23rd April and 19th May (This is where Jose Manuel's voting robot comes into play ;-) ).

Selected images will also be exhibited during the Science Fair at IFEMA between the 24th and 27th April.

The final results will be announced after the 22nd May.

You can find all the finer details here, and also take the opportunity to checkout the winners of previous editions of the competition so you can get at least get an idea of the standard. The image you see above was last years winner.

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Nick said...

The competition theme sounds like a good one for the next club theme asignment ;-)
Our change to show Madrid how good we all are! Happy shooting :-)